Health is wealth.

A healthier you starts with the food you put in your body.

We work hard to ensure that the food we produce for our customers (and ourselves) is of the highest quality and nutritionally dense. Using regenerative farming methods, we are able to produce nutrient-rich grasses to feed our livestock all while leaving the land better than we found it. Our product integrity is dependant on how we steward the land and resources...

Healthy pastures. Healthy Animals. Healthy Meat. Healthy People. It's that simple.


BEEF (order here):

We raise strictly grass-fed grass-finished beef that is never fed any grain or treated with hormones or antibiotics. If medication is used, in a life-saving situation, that animal is pulled out of our butcher stock and not offered as meat.

We also use rotational grazing methods with our cattle. This means we move our cattle every day so that they are always on fresh pasture and moved away from their waste. It's not only the best for the animals, but it is equally as beneficial for our grasses and pastures. We feel that the health of our pastures and soil is just as important as the animals that graze it.

In addition, we do not spray or treat our pastures with any chemicals or synthetics. Our pastures are naturally fertilized by the manure produced from our cattle and chickens. They spread it for us while roaming through the pastures. We've seen such benefits to our land and animals from using these management practices. Not to mention the flavor and health benefits that come through in our meat!

PORK (order here):

Our pigs are raised in the forest. This is the ideal environment for a pig. Using their snout like a shovel, they turn up the ground uncovering nuts and seeds that have fallen as well as forage for plants and shrubs. In addition, they have free-choice access to non-gmo feed. The hogs are improving our forests while getting a diverse diet of natural forages. Using animals to work with the land produces a healthier & happier animal and a thriving ecosystem.



CHICKEN (order here):

Our chickens live in custom-designed mobile structures. We call them range coops. These coops provide the birds access to grass, sunshine, rain, and grasshoppers (their favorite). Our chickens live healthy and happy lives outside while being protected from predators and severe weather. They get to scratch and forage for grasses, bugs, and anything else they find in the pasture. They also have free-choice access to non-gmo feed.

We move them every day to a fresh area of pasture. This provides them with the cleanest and most natural living conditions. You can really taste the difference!​


TURKEY (order here):

Our turkeys live in mobile coops (range coops) that are moved daily. They forage on that section of pasture all day and then we move them again the next morning. This provides them with clean living conditions and fresh grass to eat. They also have free-choice access to non-gmo feed. These inquisitive birds are so fun to have around the farm. 


LAMB (order here):

Our sheep are strictly grass-fed and grass-finished, no grain ever. Our sheep are moved every 1-2 days on fresh pasture. Sheep are the newest addition to our farm and we're still learning and growing in our shepherding. The thing we're enjoying the most about the sheep is that they work as our natural weed controllers. They eat grasses and regular pasture forages, but they also really enjoy the thicker shrubs like blackberry, rose bushes, and other invasive plants. Those plants are of no interest to our cattle. After the cattle have grazed through a pasture, we send the sheep in next as the clean-up crew. They naturally want to eat the stalky weeds that can easily take over and consume our pastures. This is the perfect partnership that keeps our fields healthy and chemical-free. Both the sheep and cattle have healthy pastures to graze which creates the most delicious and healthy meat.

For the short term, we will have limited quantities of lamb available a couple of times a year. Once we are able to grow our flock, we will be able to supply our lamb products year-round. See our website for the currently available inventory.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of a CSA you buy a 'share' of a farmer's harvest/products at the beginning of that season. You pay for the share upfront. This payment helps farmers with startup costs and guarantees you the products. Shares are delivered or picked up at pre-arranged locations.

Currently, we offer two (summer & winter) CSA terms at 6-months each.


EMAIL us for the current session contract-

Here's an example of our Summer CSA contract: FFF CSA Contract Summer (example)



How Does It Work?
We have two payment options for our CSA shares. The first option is full payment due when your contract is submitted. The second option is half payment due when your contract is submitted and the remaining half payment is due upon pickup of your first CSA share. Please email us to request pricing and a contract.


You will pick up your share at a pre-arranged location during a set time frame. Your contract will list the pick-up locations available during that term. We also offer a Home Delivery option. Pickup locations will vary depending on the season. We will have your CSA bagged and ready for quick and convenient pick ups so you can easily stop in on your way home from work or in-between errands. Each pick-up can take a little as 30 seconds or you can stay and chat with us while the other customers pick up their items. We are generally at each pick up for about 20 minutes.

Currently, we offer twelve pick up locations.


What Would I Receive In My CSA?

Each month you will receive a mixture of our products: beef, pork, chicken, and/or turkey. The variety of products you receive will depend on the current CSA term contract (summer or winter) and what products are available at that time. Your monthly bag is filled using a dollar amount value. This means we will fill your bag with a variety of our products that total to a value of around $115.00, per month. This dollar amount may fluctuate from summer to winter terms and is affected by the products we have in-stock during that season.

Below is an example of what you might receive in one month of your CSA bag. You will receive a variety of our products throughout the 6-month CSA share. These offerings may change depending on the time of year and product availability. Email us for a current term contract.

  • Month One Sample: 2# ground beef, 1# ground pork, 1# beef stew/kabob meat, 1 beef roast, 2 sirloins steaks, 1 whole chicken, 2 pkg chicken wings
  • Month Two Sample: 1# ground beef, 2 pork chops, 1 pkg beef short ribs, 1# breakfast sausage, 2 chicken breasts, 4 chicken legs. 1# chicken sausage
  • Month Three Sample: 2# ground beef, 1# beef stew/kabob meat, 1 flat iron steak, 2# sausage links, 1 whole chicken, 1 pkg chicken drumsticks, 1# ground turkey, 1# ground chicken
  • Etc. for months four, five, and six.