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Farrar Family Farm is located just south of Kansas City, Missouri, outside of a little town called Adrian. It is run by Gabe and Katie Farrar ... a hard-working, third-generation farming family whose passion is to provide consistently healthy meat for you to feed your family. They achieve that through sustainably and responsibly raising animals, following the tried & true methods from days gone by.


A Story From A Third -Generation Farmer, Gabe ...


Our story begins in 1956 when my grandparents made the decision to leave the big city and move to the country.  They purchased a farm located at 150 highway and 291 highway in rural Lee’s Summit, MO. After they passed away, my family was able to live at the farm for 10 more years.  As time went on, the landscape began to quickly change around the old farm. Progress had taken over. It was harder to hear the birds sing and tranquility was transformed into traffic jams!  It was time to leave. Sadly, the property was sold, but my dad's passion for farming continued to grow and he was able to share his love of the land with me and my siblings.


In 2007, the Lord led our family to our current farm in Adrian, MO. We worked hard to reclaim and heal the land that had been unmanaged for several years.  During this time, we became increasingly aware of what was happening to our food system in America.  Although we already had our suspicions, documentaries such as Food Inc., Fresh, and Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms confirmed our convictions and awakened a desire in us to get away from industrial farming and get back to basics.  We wanted to produce quality food for our family, heal and build up the soil, and raise animals the way nature intended.


An idea was born! My wife (Katie) & I (Gabe) had been working part-time on the farm since 2013 while still working nine-to-five jobs in the city. In 2016 we decided to make the leap to pursue regenerative farming as a full-time career. As the years have gone, on we have learned many new skills, failed several times, tried again, met many wonderful people in the farming community, and most importantly, enjoyed really good food! It's a lot of hard work but we get to do it together, as a family.


Our goal is to provide you with naturally raised wholesome food using sustainable farming methods that mimic the patterns found in nature. We raise grass-fed grass-finished beef, pasture-raised chicken & turkey, and forest-raised pork without the use of chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.  It is important for us to be good stewards of the land God has entrusted to us and raise animals humanely in their natural environment.  The benefits of our methods are passed along to you by providing healthy and clean meat for your table. Thank you for choosing to support our family farm & natural farming practices!



That's "Heeeey" in cow-speak. So, we tend to hear this sound a lot. If you want to let us hear some real human sounds, please reach out.

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