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We tend to do things differently. Naturally, there are plenty of questions! We love answering your questions to help you better understand our farming practices.


Click Shop Now and start shopping! You can purchase our products for local delivery/pickup at any time by shopping online on our shop site hosted on GrazeCart.

Yes! We make weekly home deliveries on Thursday or Saturday. You can choose 'Home Delivery' at checkout when you place your order.



Home Delivery Delivery Zone:

Home delivery is available to the general Kansas City metro area within these boundaries, exceptions may apply. See map below for our current delivery area.

​​​*Note: Home delivery requires that you leave out a cooler or insulated container on your front porch. We will NOT leave products without a cooler or insulated container. Your delivery fee will not be refunded and a new delivery fee will be charged if you would like for us to reattempt the delivery. If you choose to cancel your order, there will be a $10.00 restocking fee subtracted from your refund.

KC delivery map

When ordering on our shop site (GrazeCart) and you are adding items to your cart...when asked to enter a number into the 'box' you will enter the quantity- not the weight.


  1. "I want to order 2 roasts and they are average 3 pounds each roast." You would enter the number '2' for two roasts. You do not enter '6' for 6 pounds of roast.
  2. "I want to order 6 pounds of chicken wings and a whole chicken." You would enter 1 in the whole chicken box and 3 in the chicken wing box...chicken wings are around 2 pounds each package.

*Note: The number of items per package is listed on each item description on our shop site (GrazeCart).

Yes! We offer monthly community pick-up locations around the Kansas City Metro. View all our current pick-up & delivery options!

  1. Place your order online and select from one of our 'community pick-up' locations.
  2. We meet in the parking lot of local businesses or in community areas such as parks, coffee shops, plant nurseries, etc. You'll see us standing outside of our delivery van with coolers in the back. We're easy to spot!
  3. Each pick-up location meets for about 20 minutes so customers can stop by and quickly grab their orders. Please bring a cooler or your own bags to the pick ups to collect your order items.

If you're a local business (with a parking lot) that would like to host us as one of our pick-up locations, reach out via email ( We'd love to partner with you!


Yes! Twice a year we offer sign ups for our Bulk (wholesale) Beef & Pork packages... 1/2 hog, 1/4 beef, etc.

The below attachment will provide all the details on the cuts of meat, buying process, pricing, etc. (Note: Price is subject to change. This document is meant as an example and does not represent a contract or guaranteed pricing.)

Email us for the current open butcher dates and to sign up!



FFF Wholesale Beef & Pork example

These are the 'back to basics' natural methods that we practice. If we break it down and very simply explain it the concept is "graze, rest, recovery, flourish". Rotation and movement are key! We move our animals daily away from yesterday's grazing paddock and onto fresh new grass or forest. Their 'waste' is actually a priceless fertilizer (no chemicals needed) that feeds the soil and microbes. It's all a cycle that builds on itself and continues to produce health and abundance for the soil, the animals, people, air, water, etc.

Here are a few links to great resources that can explain and show you what regenerative agriculture means:

At this time we do not offer shipping of our products.

If you are outside of our delivery zone, we highly encourage you to look locally for farmers to support in your area. Check out websites like 'Eat Wild' to find local-to-you farms.

Yes and no. It depends on the animal! To answer this question, you have to ask, "Is this animal an omnivore or herbivore?".

Our cattle and sheep are never fed any grain because they are herbivores. Even throughout the winter, we only feed them hay (dried grasses).

Our pigs, chickens, and turkeys are omnivores. That means they are able to process grains along with pasture grasses, bugs, shrubs, and other plants, plus anything the pigs can root up in the forest! They have free choice access (not force-fed) to a non-gmo grain mixture. We make sure they always have ample, fresh pasture or forest to graze and roam so they get a well-balanced diet. Each animal has their own preferences and instinct to choose what they eat each day.

This is an important topic and we appreciate your questions and interest in raising and butchering animals humanely. We have learned over the years that answering these questions and having these conversations are more meaningful and easier to answer in person. There is a lot to talk about and many nuances within the topic of properly raising animals for meat consumption. We encourage you to come chat with us at the Lee's Summit farmers market or any pop up events so we can answer your specific questions and connect with you on this topic in person.

We will do our best to fully answer this question below. Please note we will go into some detail about the butchering process itself...

Here's a little bit about the butchering process for our animals. We are protein farmers. We raise all of the animals on our farm to the standards you have read on our website or seen through our social media pages. For us to be able to sell piece by piece cuts of meat to consumers our animals must be butchered at a USDA inspected facility- per state/federal regulations. So, we do not process any of the animals on our farm or ourselves. We raise them, take them to the processor, and pick everything up frozen and individually packaged ready for sale to you.
We have three butchers. One for beef, one for pork, and one for chicken & turkey. It took us several years to find butchers that we trusted and felt good about their practices. We drive about 3 hours one way to our pork butcher, 2 hours one way to our beef processor, and 2.5 hours one way to our poultry processor. An additional reason we have selected these butchers is that we care just as much about the ingredients in our final product as we do about raising our animals properly. Many butchers use ingredients that we don't agree with like nitrates, nitrites, fake preservatives, refined sugars, chemical additives, etc. So, that was another big deciding factor in our selection of different processors and the reason we drive a bit farther to access them. Additionally, all of our butchers are small family-owned and run businesses. We love that even this part of our business can support other small families and artisans. Butchery is a highly skilled art and takes an expert to do it well.
Our beef & pork butchers use an air gun to dispatch the animals. It's one burst to the back of the head. It is the fastest and most painless option. Our beef butcher is USDA certified humane and our pork butcher is aminal welfare approved. Our poultry processor uses an extremely sharp knife and makes one cut on the neck. This makes the bird unconscious and unable to feel any pain. It's the most natural way for the bird to die because it lets the body go through the natural process of rigor mortis and it can bleed out properly. In large scale industrial butchering poultry are often electrocuted and the body cannot go through those natural processes. It's also not 100% effective so some of the birds may just keep getting shocked and aren't 'taken out' on the first time or two. The single slit on the neck is a one and done process that makes sure they feel little to no pain and are under as little stress as possible.
While it's impossible to say if any of our animals know they are going to the butcher, we do our best to keep the process calm and stress-free and in their normal daily rhythm as we can when working and loading up the animals.
We feel that the best way to respect the lives of the animals is to raise them well and give 110% in our day to day care and husbandry of our livestock. We know animals have a purpose in feeding us and that we are working together with them to create the healthiest nourishment for ourselves and our customers. We feel it's important for us to be as involved as possible in the lives of our animals to ensure they live the best life possible.

Yes! We sell on Saturday mornings (every other weekend!) at the Downtown Lee's Summit Farmers Market. That market runs weather depending from April-October, 8am-noon.


No, not right now.

We used to raise egg chicken as well as meat you didn't know there were two 'types' of chickens! Raising egg chickens and selling eggs is so much more work than most people realized. Since it's only the two of us working the farm, we had to minimize our workload in order to make progress with our other tasks. Hopefully, as we expand our business and bring on employees, they can help us with the workload and we can eventually bring back our amazing free-range pastured eggs. We'll be sure to share the news once eggs become available again!

Yes. Since all of our animals have to be processed at USDA inspected butchers, all of the products are free of major allergens like gluten, shellfish, soy, eggs, etc.


We have many customers with specific dietary needs and/or restrictions. Email us with your individual questions and we'll be happy to answer and help!

'Uncured' means there are no nitrates or nitrites except those naturally occurring in celery juice powder and sea salt.

The term uncured can be found on a few of our product labels such as... bacon, ham, deli ham, deli turkey, deli chicken, summer sausage, pepperoni, hot dogs, etc. This is to indicate that the 'curing' ingredient used is celery juice powder and/or sea salt. We have opted for the more naturally derived 'curing' ingredients as opposed to a more refined, processed, or less whole-food based ingredient.

Not at this time. Due to time constraints, farm tours are not available.


Please understand that with just two people it leaves very limited time for us to take care of our personal life and get some rest. We share your same passion for knowing where your food comes from. However, we cannot accommodate tours into our schedule at this stage in life. Additionally, we live on a shared family property and have other family members' privacy to consider.


If tours do become available in the future, they will be for educational purposes. If you're looking for an opportunity for your children to touch or pet animals, please look to local agritourism avenues such as 'Deanna Rose Farmstead'.


Thank you for understanding our farm tour stance at this time.


Please note that we are 100% transparent about how we raise our animals and our farming practices. If you have any concerns or desires to be able to verify any of our claims and practices, we can arrange for you to pick up an order on the farm so you can actually see that we're doing what we say. We're an open book so please email with any questions or ask us in person at the farmers market. We'd love to chat!



That's "Heeeey" in cow-speak. So, we tend to hear this sound a lot. If you want to let us hear some real human sounds, please reach out.

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